ANTH 190 SC - Senior Seminar in Anthropology and Ethnographic Writing

This course has both practical and intellectual ends. Practically it aims to help students who plan to write theses on topics involving cultural representation to (a) formulate research questions; (b) situate their work in and against a relevant body of existing writing, and (c) structure their own descriptions and arguments. Intellectually, it aims to introduce students to some of the ways anthropologists have thought about the processes and politics of writing about culture(s) and people(s). Required for Scripps anthropology majors choosing the sociocultural track, the course is open (with the instructor's permission) to students whose thesis or other major writing project would be enhanced by an examination of the issues and debates surrounding ethnographic writing.

Course Credit: 1.0
Offered: Every fall

This course information is from the 2020-2021 Scripps Catalog. View this catalog.

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