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    Scripps College
  Nov 22, 2017
2017-2018 Scripps Catalog

Asian Languages and Literatures

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The Asian Languages and Literatures Department at Pomona College consists of two sections - Chinese and Japanese and may be available to Scripps students.  Please consult with the appropriate department chair (or equivalent) at the home college to discuss specific major/minor requirements. Scripps students who declare this major must complete a senior thesis. In addition to having a faculty major adviser in this discipline, Scripps students must maintain a primary Scripps faculty adviser.

Both Chinese and Japanese majors offer courses for language acquisition (courses titled CHIN or JAPN followed by numbers indicating the levels) and courses on literature and culture that are taught in English, using English translations (courses titled CHNT or JPNT followed by numbers that are not indicative of levels). These majors offer a variety of courses that help students acquire and develop advanced language proficiency and that foster an awareness and understanding of Asian cultures. Courses offered in English translation are often interdisciplinary in approach, introducing historical background, social, philosophical and political issues and other cultural matters. Students are encouraged to broaden their perspectives by taking courses in the Asian Studies Program. Many students participate in study-abroad programs for a semester or more in China or Japan.

For more information about the Japanese and Chinese majors, minors and courses offered, please refer to the Pomona College catalog.

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