Jun 19, 2019  
2018-2019 Scripps Catalog 
2018-2019 Scripps Catalog

Africana Studies

Professor Sheila Walker (SC), department chair

Professors Harris (PZ), Lytle (PO), Roberts (SC), Shelton (CM), Thomas (PO), Walker (SC), Weekes (PO)

Associate Professors Aitel (CM), Bonaparte (PZ), Daut (CG), Hurley (PO), Mayes (PO), Smith (PO), Tyson (SC)

Assistant Professors Ratteray (PO), Soliman (SC), K. Thomas (PZ), Traoré (PO)

Lecturer K. Glasgow

Academic Coordinator, Sonya Young


The Intercollegiate Department of Africana Studies offers a multidisciplinary curriculum that examines the experiences of African, African American, and Caribbean people from the liberal arts perspective. The Africana Studies curriculum helps to unify an important area of intellectual investigation, and enhances appreciation of particular disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences. Courses accommodate the needs of majors and non-majors, providing significant preparation for careers in education, social work, public policy, law, medicine, business, international relations, and advanced research.

Students majoring in Africana Studies must complete at least 11 courses plus a senior thesis. While six of these courses are expected to be at the upper-division level, credit will be given where appropriate to courses numbered lower than 100. Some flexibility is allowed in the selection and distribution of courses; however, Introduction to Africana Studies and the senior thesis are required of all majors.