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    Scripps College
  Aug 21, 2017
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2017-2018 Scripps Catalog

Art History Major

Requirements for the Major

The Art History major consists of a total of 11 required courses including:

Two introductory courses

Six additional art history courses

  • One course in the art of Asia, Africa, or the African Diaspora or in Islamic art
  • One course in the art of the Americas
  • One course in the art of Europe before 1840
  • One course in art since 1840
  • Two additional art history courses

One studio art course

Senior Seminar and Senior Thesis


Majors who intend to pursue graduate studies should study at least two foreign languages appropriate to their areas of interest. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for summer internships in museums, galleries, and conservation labs, and to study abroad during their junior year.

Honors Requirements

A student who wishes to graduate with honors in art history must:

  • Achieve a minimum grade point average of 11.0 (A-) in the major;
  • Earn an A on the senior thesis; and
  • Orally defend the completed thesis before a committee that consists of at least three members (the two thesis readers and an additional faculty member to be selected by the student).