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    Scripps College
  Feb 21, 2018
2017-2018 Scripps Catalog

Religious Studies Major

Requirements for the Major

The major in Religious Studies encompasses both breadth and depth of study and consists of at least 10 courses to include:

Core Requirements

  • Four courses in a specialized field at intermediate and advanced levels. The specialized field is to be determined in consultation with the major adviser. The following fields of specialized study are offered by way of example. Abbreviations used in the course listings follow course titles.
    Historical Religious Traditions I, Asian (HRT I).
    Historical Religious Traditions II, Western (HRT II).
    Philosophy of Religion, Theology, and Ethics (PRT).
    Contemporary and Women's Studies in Religion (CWS).
    Middle Eastern Studies (MES).
    Other specialized fields of study (worked out with the major adviser) can be based on specific traditions, geographical areas, historical periods, or philosophical themes.
  • RLST 180 . It is recommended that 180 be completed prior to the senior year.


Three elective courses in Religious Studies outside the specialized field.

Honors Requirements

Students intending to graduate with honors need:

  • A minimum general GPA of 9.0;
  • GPA of 11.0 (A-) or above in Religious Studies;T
  • To complete a two-semester thesis with a thesis grade requirement of A- (11.0) on both the oral defense and the written thesis.

A student who wishes to be considered as a candidate for honors should notify the department chair, who will assist the student in the formation of a three-person faculty honors committee.