Feb 20, 2019  
2017-2018 Scripps Catalog 

Science Management Major

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This program is designed to provide students with a solid background in science, economics, and fundamental managerial skills. A major in Science Management requires a minimum of 20 courses including a thesis in addition to the college's general-education requirements (some of the Core Program will overlap). Majors complete a core program of a minimum of fifteen courses in addition to a five-course sequence. Some major requirements may be waived due to placement. Students may also construct their own sequence in consultation with the Science Management advisor. 

Requirements for the Major

1. Core Program (minimum of 15 courses):

Students who wish to specialize in the Physics sequence have the option of taking PHYS030L KS , PHYS031L KS , PHYS033L KS , PHYS034L KS , or both semesters of the AISS course in lieu of Biology for their Core Program.

2. Sequences

All majors must complete a sequence with a minimum of five courses. Representative examples are listed below.

a. Chemistry Sequence

b. Physics Sequence

PHYS101 KS , PHYS102 KS , PHYS114 KS , and PHYS115 KS . Please note that MATH111 SC Differential Equations  is a prerequisite for most upper-division physics courses.

c. Biophysics Sequence

d. Biotechnology Sequence

e. Neuroscience Sequence

f. Environmental Management Sequence

At least two courses in this sequence must have an associated laboratory component

g. Public Health Sequence

Courses must be selected from three of the five fields listed below. Please note that some of these courses have prerequisites outside of the GE/Core program of this major.

Honors Requirements (All Tracks)

To be considered for departmental honors in one of the science majors, a student must:

  • Achieve a minimum grade point average of 11.0 (A-) in courses in the major.  
  • Achieve a minimum grade of A- on the thesis.
  • Complete a one- or two-semester thesis project in which the student has demonstrated excellence by making a significant contribution to the progress of the research and by producing a thesis document judged to be of honors quality by the department.
  • Present an oral progress report at the end of the first semester of a two-semester thesis and a poster at the conclusion of either a one- or two-semester thesis in which the student clearly explains the rationale for the project and the conclusions drawn, engages the listener, and knowledgeably answers questions.
  • Attend at least six scientific seminars during the semester (each semester for a two-semester thesis) and submit a brief and clear summary of each.

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