Oct 15, 2019  
2018-2019 Scripps Catalog 

Environmental Analysis Major Program

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Scripps College offers the Environmental Science Track; major requirements are detailed below.  Please refer to the Pomona College and Pitzer College catalogs for information about the other tracks: Environmental Policy, Society and the Environment, and Sustainability and the Built Environment. Consult with Professor Lance Neckar at Pitzer or Professor Char Miller at Pomona to discuss specific major/minor requirements.

Requirements for the Major

  • Introductory Core

  • One Specialized Field in which to develop a course plan

  1. Environmental Science
  2. Environmental Policy 
  3. Society and the Environment 
  4. Sustainability and the Built Environment
  • A Senior Capstone of two courses for the Environmental Science Track


Selecting one of the other tracks listed above at Pomona College or Pitzer College requires completion of a Senior Capstone of one course plus an environmental internship. Or, Pomona-EA's two capstones: EA 191 PO  Thesis (fall) and EA 190 PO  Seminar (spring).

Environmental Science Specialized Field:

A major in Environmental Analysis (Science track) requires a minimum of 14 courses plus seminar and a senior thesis. Students interested in this major/track should discuss the eligibility of specific courses with their academic adviser and with EA science faculty.

     Note: These six courses may be cross-listed but normally may not double-count for another science major.

  • One environmental policy course from the list of approved Courses in Environmental Analysis .
  • An environmentally focused Study Abroad and Global Education (SAGE) program is strongly recommended.
  • Senior Capstone (two courses) to include one of the following options:
  1. A one-semester thesis in Environmental Analysis ( EA 191 KS ) AND either EA 190 PO  (generally offered in Spring), or EA 150 PZ  (generally offered in Fall), or an alternative course approved by the Environmental Analysis science faculty.
  2. A two-semester thesis in Environmental Analysis ( EA 188L KS / EA 190L KS , or EA 189L KS / EA 190L KS )
  • Students must take at least one class in statistics or the application of quantitative methods to environmental problems. This requirement may be satisfied by taking an approved class with a quantitative focus as one of the six upper-division EA science courses. Alternatively, students may take an approved non-science course in statistics in addition to the other major requirements.

Honors Requirements

To be considered for departmental honors in Environmental Analysis, a student must:

  • Achieve a minimum grade point average of 11.0 (A-) in courses in the major;
  • Complete a one-or two-semester thesis project in which the student has demonstrated excellence by making a significant contribution to the progress of the research and by producing a thesis document judged to be of honors quality by the department;
  • Present an oral progress report at the end of the first semester of a two-semester thesis and a poster at the conclusion of either a one- or two-semester thesis in which the student clearly explains the rationale for the project and the conclusions that were drawn, engages the listener, and knowledgeably answers questions; and
  • EA Science track majors must attend at least six scientific seminars during the semester (each semester for a two-semester thesis) and submit a brief and clear summary of each.

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