Nov 28, 2020  
2019-2020 Scripps Catalog 

Dance Major

Requirements for the Major

A major in Dance requires a minimum of 11 courses (includes senior thesis), plus four production/crew assignments (DANC193A,B,C,D). Completion of DANC168 waives this requirement.

All dance majors take a minimum of two technique courses at Scripps, at least one of which must be modern. In addition to senior thesis, at least one-half of the major courses (five) must be taken at Scripps.

Students wishing to major in Dance must develop both a physical and historical/theoretical understanding of the discipline. The following three tracks are designed to focus the student's study in order to prepare for different career paths or graduate study. Flexibility exists for designing personal tracks in collaboration with the dance adviser.

  1. Performance/Choreography
  2. Movement Studies
  3. Theoretical Studies

Students wishing to study dance in conjunction with another discipline, such as anthropology, biology, economics, English, history, psychology, or visual arts should choose a self-designed, double, or dual major. All major programs are designed in consultation with a dance adviser.



Students entering with prior dance experience may waive out of one or more of these classes based on level of accomplishment and after discussion with dance faculty.  Ideally, the following courses should be completed by the end of the sophomore year:

Track Requirements (six courses)

1. Performance/Choreography Track

Dance performance/choreography majors are expected to take a daily movement class each semester of their junior and senior years, whether or not enrolled for credit. They are also expected to participate in at least four performances with Scripps Dance.

3. Theoretical Studies Track

Electives (two courses)

Students will select two electives in consultation with the dance adviser. Students may not count more than one full credit's worth at the same technique level towards the major. Dance Repertory (DANC 162A  and/or DANC 162B ) may only be counted for one full credit toward the major. In addition to dance electives, suggested electives for specific tracks may include:

  • Performance/choreography: one additional elective in music or theatre, chosen in consultation with the dance adviser, is strongly recommended.
  • Movement studies: one elective may be chosen from a discipline outside of dance, such as psychology, anthropology, biology, sociology, women's studies, etc., in consultation with the dance adviser.
  • Theoretical studies: one elective may be chosen from a discipline outside of dance, such as philosophy, writing, aesthetics, critical inquiry/analysis of the arts, etc., in consultation with the dance adviser.

Senior Thesis (one course)

May be a research project/paper or a performance/choreography project with written documentation as specified in Senior Thesis in Dance Guidelines.

Production Experience

All dance majors are required to complete at least four production/crew assignments on Scripps Dance events, totaling at least 16 hours, by graduation. Students register for DANC193 a total of four times, on a no-credit, pass/fail basis. Students who complete Dance Production ( DANC168 SC ) are waived from this requirement.

Honors Requirements

The Dance Department awards honors in the major to exceptional students who meet the following requirements:

  1. A GPA of 11.0 (A-) or higher in the Dance major, and an overall GPA of 9.0 or higher.
  2. Senior Seminar in Dance (DANC 190 ) with a grade of A or A-. It is expected that preliminary work on the senior thesis will begin in conjunction with senior seminar.
  3. A thesis (DANC 191  or ID 191D ) that is more substantial and/or a deeper investigation of its topic than ones submitted by those not working on honors, and that earns a grade of A or A-.
  4. An oral defense of the thesis before the dance faculty and any additional thesis readers

A student who wishes to be considered as a candidate for honors should notify the Department Chair no later than the first two weeks of the senior year.