Feb 29, 2020  
2019-2020 Scripps Catalog 
2019-2020 Scripps Catalog

French Studies Major

Requirements for the Major

A French Studies major requires a minimum of eight courses above FREN033 (Intermediate French), or equivalent, plus a senior thesis.  Four of the courses must be taken at Scripps, Claremont McKenna College or Pitzer College. Exceptions must be approved by a French adviser.  The eight courses must include:

  • FREN 100  or equivalent.
  • At least one course pertaining to a period prior to the year 1900.
  • At least one semester in France (or a Francophone country). Courses taken in France or a Francophone country, up to a maximum of four, may be counted towards the French Studies major. French language courses taken abroad qualify for the major requirement only if they are at the upper-division level. All other courses taught in French taken abroad count as an elective.
  • Elective courses to reach eight.
  • Senior thesis written in French. If a student is a dual major, the requirement to write in French may be waived if the second reader does not read French.

Honors Requirements

As early as the first semester of the junior year and up until October 1st of the senior year, a student, upon consultation with the French faculty, may choose to become a candidate for the Honors Program in French Studies. The Honors Program includes:

  • The normal course requirements as stated above;
  • A two-semester thesis written in French;
  • A successful oral thesis defense, in French, before the French faculty.
  • Obtain a GPA of A- (11.0) in the major; and
  • Earn a senior thesis grade of A– (11.0) or better.