Apr 21, 2021  
2020-2021 Scripps Catalog 
2020-2021 Scripps Catalog

European Studies Major

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Requirements for the Major

A major in European Studies requires a minimum of eight courses plus a senior thesis as follows:

  • One upper-division course (minimum) in European history.
  • One upper division course (minimum) in European literature.
  • One upper-division course (minimum) in European politics.
  • One upper-division course (minimum) in the history of European arts (e.g., art, dance, film, music, theater).
  • One course (minimum) at the 100-level or above in a classical or modern European language (other than English).
  • Students will choose the remaining courses in the major (for a total of eight upper-division courses) in conjunction with an adviser from the European Studies faculty, with the objective of establishing competency in a historical period (e.g., Classical, Medieval and Renaissance, or Modern), an intellectual theme (e.g., philosophy and literature, economics and politics), or a geographical area (e.g., Greece, Italy, France, Central Europe).
  • A senior thesis is also required of all majors, normally to be completed during the spring semester.

Students should consult with their European Studies adviser or Professor Marc Katz in selecting courses which will meet the distribution requirements (items 1-5 above). No course can be double counted as meeting more than one of these distribution courses, with the exception of some 100-level language courses, which may meet the literature requirement.

Honors Requirements

  1. A grade point average in the major of at least 11.0 (A-).
  2. A grade of A- or better on the senior thesis.

The student interested in being considered as a candidate for Honors should consult with the European Studies adviser or with Professor Marc Katz, Director of the European Studies program, during the junior year.

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