Apr 21, 2018  
2013-2014 Academic Catalog 

Art Major

Requirements for the Major

Core Courses

Two courses: ART 100A SC Introduction to Studio Art  or ART 141 SC Introduction to Digital Art  and; ART 100B SC Combined Media Art 
Art 100A or Art 141 and Art 100B should be completed by the end of the sophomore year if possible

Elective Courses

Five upper-division electives in art, three of which must be in one of the following concentrations: Book Arts, Ceramics, Design, Digital Art, Drawing, Mixed-Media, New Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Video Art. Appropriate courses will be determined in consultation with the major adviser. Any art course offered at Scripps, Pomona , Pitzer College, or HMC (excluding ART 060  HM), may count as an art elective.

Sample Concentrations:
Ceramic Arts: ART 100A SC  , ART 100B SC  , ART 120 SC  , ART 121 SC  , ART 122 SC  , ART 181 SC  , ART 192 SC  , any two electives in Art, and ARHI181 PZ  .
Photography: ART 100A SC , ART 141 SC  , ART 145 SC  , ART 146 SC  , ART 147 SC  , ART 181 SC , ART 192 SC , any two electives in Art, and ARHI185 PO .
Video: ART 100A SC or ART 141 SC , ART 100B SC ,ART 148 SC  , ART 149 SC  , ART 150 SC, ART 181 SC , ART 192 SC , any two electives in Art, and one Art History course. 

Art History Courses

Two art history courses , or one art history course and one theory seminar in art, art history, or media studies, both of which should be completed before the senior year.

Senior Courses

One senior seminar in art encompassing thesis and project (ART 192 SC Senior Project and Seminar in Art ), to be completed in the fall semester of the senior year.*
*ART 193 SC Advanced Senior Project and Seminar in Art , an optional course, extends the research completed in ART 192 SC and culminates in the Senior Art Exhibition in the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery.


Honors Requirements

A student who wishes to graduate with honors in art must achieve a minimum grade point average of 11 in the major and earn an A or A– in a two-semester senior project, which usually includes both ART 192 SC - Senior Project and Seminar in Art  and ART 193 SC - Advanced Senior Project and Seminar in Art  the second semester of the senior year. The student who wishes to pursue honors in art should so notify the department chair before the start of senior year to go over criteria.