Dec 06, 2022  
2021-22 Faculty Handbook 

3.1 Faculty Organization


The Scripps College faculty is organized into four areas, namely 1) Arts, 2) Letters, 3) Science and Math, and 4) Social Sciences. Within each area, faculty are organized into departments for purposes related to planning, curriculum, budget and personnel. Overarching all four areas is the Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities in which faculty from each department participate. The Core Director is elected by the faculty for a three-year term.

Each department has a chair, appointed by the Dean of the Faculty in consultation with members of the department. All chairs have responsibility in three areas: curriculum, budget, and personnel. The department chair is liaison with the Dean of the Faculty and with faculty committees. The department is especially concerned with the structure of the major, the courses to be offered in the field, and cooperation through the field committees with the other Claremont Colleges. It is the responsibility of the department chair to ensure that procedures and deadlines for senior theses are published and distributed. The department chair will also make recommendations concerning staffing to the appropriate college committees and authorities, coordinate searches for part-time faculty members and cooperate with the FEC during the search procedures to fill full-time positions. The primary responsibility of the chair is to ensure that departmental business is completed. In addition, the chair will prepare the departmental budget request for the following year, and supervise the current budget, authorizing and controlling expenditures and monitoring monthly supervisors' reports. In the case of a one-member department, the Dean of the Faculty may perform some of the functions which otherwise would be done by the chair of that department.

Meetings of the Scripps Faculty are called by the Dean of the Faculty or by written communication to the Dean of the Faculty by ten members of the faculty. At special meetings called by faculty members, no business may be discussed or acted upon except that for which the meeting is called. The Scripps Faculty meet several times each semester, usually on Thursdays at 4:15 p.m.

All faculty members irrespective of rank, the librarian, the director of the Williamson Gallery and such other persons as shall have been appointed to membership in the faculty by the Board of Trustees, shall be members of the Scripps Faculty. Only continuing full-time faculty, the librarian, the director of the Williamson Gallery, and adjunct faculty in and after their fourteenth year of service shall be voting members of the Scripps Faculty. A quorum shall be one more than one-half of the voting membership of the Scripps Faculty. Proxy voting is not permitted.

Department Chairs
Interdisciplinary/Intercollegiate Program Chairs
Fall Semester 2021


Art Adam Davis
Dance Kevin Williamson
Music Ronnie Brosterman


Art History Juliet Koss
Classics David Roselli
English Aaron Matz
French France Lemoine
German Kevin Vennemann
Spanish, Latin American & Caribbean Literatures and Cultures Carmen Sanjuán-Pastor
Italian Sabrina Ovan
Philosophy Yuval Avnur
Religious Studies Luis Salés

Social Sciences

Anthropology Seo Young Park
Economics Sean Flynn
History Corey Tazzara
Middle East and North Africa Studies (MENA) Sumita Pahwa
Politics Nancy neiman
Psychology Michael Spezio

Natural Sciences

Keck Science Dean Ulysses J. Sofia (SCR/CMC/PIT)
Keck Science Conveners Biology, Lars Schmitz
  Chemistry, Katie Purvis-Roberts
  Environmental Science, Don McFarlane
  Neuroscience, Melissa Coleman
  Physics, Adam Landsberg
Mathematics Winston Ou

Humanities Institute

Yuval Avnur

Interdisciplinary Departments/Programs

American Studies Wendy Cheng (SCR)
Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Nany Neiman
Core Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities Winston Ou
Humanities Major: Studies in Culture Andrew Aisenberg
Media Studies Carlin Wing
Writing and Rhetoric/Writing Program Kimberly Drake

Intercollegiate Programs

Intercollegiate Dept. of Asian American Studies Sharon Goto (PO)
Intercollegiate Dept. of Africana Studies Derik Smith (CMC)
Intercollegiate Dept. of Chicana/o-Latina/o Studies Gilda Ochoa (PO)
Intercollegiate Dept. of Media Studies Ruti Talmor (PZ)
Intercollegiate Feminist Center Susan Castagnetto (SCR)
Joint Athletics Program Erica Jasper, Director of Athletics (CMC)
Joint Music Department Charles Kamm (SCR)