Dec 01, 2021  
2021-22 Faculty Handbook 
2021-22 Faculty Handbook

Faculty Information

3.1 Faculty Organization  
3.2 Faculty Diversity Statement and Faculty Search Procedures [deleted]  
3.3 Conditions of Employment, Compensation and Benefits  
3.4 Leaves of Absence  
3.5 Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Procedures  
3.6 Faculty Grievance Procedures  
3.7 Procedures for Dismissal of Faculty Member  
3.8 Faculty Executive Committee and Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee  
3.9 Procedures for Establishing New Courses and Uniform Five Day Calendar  
3.10 The Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities Program  
3.11 Faculty Research Funds  
3.12 Faculty Research and Teaching Supportive Services  
3.13 Graduate School Relationships  
3.14 Benefits for Retirement Age Faculty  
3.15 Inspection of Personnel Files  
3.16 Human Participants in Research Scripps College Institutional Review Board  
3.17 1940 AAUP Statement on Academic Freedom (with 1970 Interpretive Comments)  
3.18 Mary W. Johnson Faculty Achievement Awards  
3.19 Named Chairs  
3.20 Policy Against Workplace Harassment   
3.21 Policy on Consensual Relations between Faculty and Students  
3.22 Sabbatical Leaves  
3.23 Support for Computing Resources  
3.24 Irvine Foundation Revolving Faculty Loan Program  
3.25 Procedure for Canceling Classes at the Claremont Colleges  
3.26 Statement on Research Integrity  
3.27 The Claremont Colleges' Copyright Policy  
3.28 Electronic Recording Policy  
3.29 Policy Against Violence In The Workplace  
3.30 Business Conduct and Ethics  
3.31 Convercent (Formerly Known As MySafeCampus)  
3.32 Equal Opportunity Employment  
3.33 The Claremont Colleges Communication Protocol for Bias Related Incidents  
3.34 Scripps College Notification Protocol for Bias Related Incidents  
3.35 Review of Academic Programs  
3.36 Faculty Retirement Transition Program  
3.37 Proposals for New Majors