Apr 22, 2024  
2023-2024 Scripps Catalog 
2023-2024 Scripps Catalog

Legal Studies Minor

Requirements for the Minor

A minor in Legal Studies requires that the student complete six courses including at least one course in three of the five Breadth of Study tracks. A minor does not require a senior seminar or thesis.
The course requirements and examples of courses that satisfy those requirements are as follows:

Breadth of Study

1.  Legal Institutions

  • GOVT120 CM Environmental Law and Policy  
  • POLI033B PO American Constitutionalism II: Rights and Liberties 
  • POLI143 SC Civil Liberties and Fundamental Rights  

2.  Law and Behavioral Sciences

  • ECON155 PO Law and Economics 
  • POST106 PZ Law and Politics 
  • PSYC162 SC Psychology and the Law 
  • PSYC169 SC Topics: Stereotyping and Prejudice 
  • PSYC163 SC Social Psychology and the Legal System  

3.  Law and Social Order

  • ANTH052 PZ Indigenous Societies: Histories of Encounters   
  • GOVT181 CM Crime and Public Policy 
  • HIST141 SC Working People in the Americas: Race, Labor, and Organizing 
  • HIST176 AF Civil Rights Movement in the Modern Era 
  • PHIL039 PO Gender, Crime and Punishment 
  • POST156 PZ Critical Race Theory 
  • POST159 PZ Crime and Punishment 
  • SOC 121 PO Radicals, Revolutionaries and Terrorists 

4.  Legal Theory and Jurisprudence

  • PHIL034 PO Philosophy of Law 
  • PHIL162 SC Political Philosophy 
  • PHIL169 SC Responsibility, Guilt, and the Person 
  • POLI140 SC Introduction to Political Theory 
  • POLI144 SC Legal Storytelling and the Rule of Law 

5.  Law and Culture

  • ANTH055 PO Power, Politics and Culture  
  • ENGL140 PO Literature of Incarceration 
  • GRMT114 SC Plotting Crime  
  • POLI141 SC Politics of Race and American Popular Film 
  • SOC 051 PZ Cast, Class and Colonialism