Apr 24, 2024  
2023-2024 Scripps Catalog 
2023-2024 Scripps Catalog

Science, Technology, and Society Major

Requirements for the Major

A major in Science, Technology, and Society requires a minimum of 13 courses including senior seminar and thesis.

1. Science and technology practice (science and/or engineering): Three courses

  • STS is about knowledge-making practices, so students should experience those practices directly. Students must take three courses in one discipline in science, engineering, or mathematics that advance beyond the introductory level.

2. STS 010 HM Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society  

3. Context and theory: Three courses

     a.  One historical studies course from :

     b.  One philosophy of science course from:

     c.  One social science approaches course from:

4. Two additional STS courses in a single area: either History, or Philosophy, or Social Sciences.

  • This requirement asks students to acquire depth in one of the main disciplinary areas of STS.

5. Two STS electives

6.  Senior Seminar and Senior Thesis

7. Honors Requirements

 A student who wishes to receive honors in Science, Technology,  and Society must achieve a minimum grade point average of 3.67 in the major and earn an A or A- on the senior thesis.