Jul 24, 2024  
2023-2024 Scripps Catalog 

Courses in French and Francophone Studies

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Course Descriptions

All courses are taught entirely in French:

  Lower Division Language Courses

  • FREN 001 - Introductory French
  • FREN 002 - Continued Introductory French
  • FREN 033 - Intermediate French


  • All students wishing to enroll in French language courses must take the Language Placement Test. The test is offered online and can be taken during the summer before fall registration as well as anytime during the academic year. Only those students who have had no more than one semester of high school French are exempt from taking this examination and may enroll in French 1 (Introductory French).  Placement test results are valid for one year; thereafter it must be retaken.
  • Students who place into French 44 will satisfy the language requirement by passing a French Proficiency test  administered by the faculty of the Intercollegiate French program. All other students will satisfy the language requirement by passing French 33 or equivalent.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to fulfill the language requirement in an uninterrupted sequence. In all cases, however, the language requirement must be completed by the end of the first semester of the senior year.
  • For all language courses, attendance at a minimum of three French tables at Scripps or CMC and three French Club-sponsored films are required during the semester.
  • Registration through the Portal into weekly conversation sections (“French Labs”) is required. Student must attend the same section throughout the semester.

Upper Division Courses

The following courses may be counted towards the French and Francophone Major and Minor. They may be taken at Scripps College, Claremont McKenna College, or Pitzer College. Other French courses may be available at Pomona College. Please note, however, that Pomona upper division courses count as off campus courses.

Required Courses

  • FREN 044 - Advanced French: Readings in Literature and Civilization or FREN 045- Advanced Oral French 
  • FREN 100 – Introduction to French and Francophone Studies
  • FREN 191 SC - Senior Thesis

Elective Courses

  • FREN 104 SC - History, Memory, and Loss: Vichy (1940-45) in Contemporary France
  • FREN 110 SC - Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité? France and the Crises of Globalization
  • FREN 113 SC - Banned in France: Censorship Debates in Eighteenth-Century France
  • FREN 114 SC - Reality Matters: Exploring “Le Cinéma du Réel”
  • FREN 115 CM - The Francophone Caribbean
  • FREN 116 SC - Display, Desire, and Domination
  • French 117 CMC – African Novel and Film
  • FREN 118 SC - Being French From Paris to Montreal
  • FREN 120 CM - Order and Revolt in French Literature
  • FREN 121 SC - The Politics of Love
  • FREN 122 SC - Etudes Queer
  • FREN 124 CM – The Novelist and Society in France
  • FREN 124 SC - Women of Freedom and Desire
  • FREN 125 SC - The French Detective and Classic Crime Fiction
  • FREN 127 SC - Films de Femmes: French Contemporary Women Directors
  • FREN 132 CM - North African Literature After Independence
  • FREN 133 CM - Africa in France: The French of African Ancestry through Text and Film
  • FREN 135 CM - The Art of the Short Story
  • FREN 137 CM – The Algerian War and the French Intelligentsia
  • FREN 142 SC - Comedy in the Age of Louis XIV
  • FREN 143 SC   Theatre and Revolution
  • FREN 153 SC Translating French Holocaust Archives
  • FREN 160 SC - Romancing the Revolution: Victor Hugo and Women
  • FREN 173 SC - Wit and Ridicule in the French Salon
  • FREN 179 SC - French Love Affairs: An Introduction to Proust
  • FREN 182 SC - Contemporary Fiction in French
  • FREN 181 SC - Humans vs Earth: Earthquakes to Mines
  • FREN 161 PZ – French Empire and its Others
  • FREN 199 SC - Independent Study in French Studies: Reading and Research

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