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2023-2024 Scripps Catalog 
2023-2024 Scripps Catalog

Bioethics track in the Philosophy Major

Bioethics is a track within the Philosophy Major . Students interested in this field should contact Professor Rivka Weinberg for guidance.

A major in Philosophy bioethics track requires a minimum of 11 courses including a senior thesis.

  • One course in logic*: PHIL144 SC, PHIL095 CM, or PHIL060 PO
  • Ethical Theory*: PHIL160 SC,  PHIL158 CM, or PHIL032 PO
  • Political Philosophy*: PHIL162 SC
  • One course in the History of Philosophy*:  PHIL112 SC,  PHIL113 SC, PHIL114 SC, PHIL118 SC, PHIL119 SC, PHIL125 SC, PHIL100A CM, PHIL100D CM, PHIL101D CM, PHIL127 CM, PHIL043 PZ, PHIL084 PZ, PHIL040 PO, PHIL042 PO, PHIL186H PO, or PHIL187C PO
  • One course in a core area of Philosophy*. Core analytic areas include Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Neurophilosophy, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Language, among others: PHIL130 SC, PHIL134 SC, PHIL137 SC, PHIL138 SC, PHIL146 SC, PHIL149 JT, PHIL154 SC, PHIL168 SC, PHIL169 SC, PHIL185N JT, PHIL126 CM, PHIL127 CM, PHIL128 CM, PHIL134 CM, PHIL135 CM, PHIL137 CM, PHIL138 CM, PHIL139 CM, PHIL141 CM, PHIL030 PZ, PHIL080 PO, PHIL081 PO, PHIL103 PO, PHIL104 PO, PHIL106 PO, or PHIL185L PO.
    • Metaphysics, Mind, Neurophilosophy, Philosophy Science, and Philosophy Biology can count as electives if not used to satisfy the core requirement (no double counting of core and elective classes).

*Equivalent courses offered at the Claremont Colleges may satisfy this requirement. Confer with your major advisor to identify appropriate courses.

  • Ethics of the Beginning and End of Life PHIL155 SC*
  • Senior Seminar 
  • Senior Thesis 
  • Three electives from the following list (or equivalents, by permission from the department chair):
    • Medical Anthropology ANTH107 PO
    • Science, Medicine, and Colonialism ANTH114 SC)     
    • Concepts in Biology for Non-majors BIOL057L KS
    • Foundations of Neuroscience NEUR095L JT 
    • Genetics BIOL143 KS
    • Health Economics ECON129 PO
    • Organization of Healthcare and Public Policy GOVT105 CM 
    • Autonomy and Well-Being PHIL035 PO    
    • Bioethics PHIL038 PO
    • Philosophy of Science: Historical Survey PHIL103 PO
    • Philosophy of Science: Topical Survey PHIL104 PO
    • Philosophy of Biology PHIL106 PO
    • Metaphysics PHIL126 CM
    • The Metaphysics of Persons PHIL128 CM
    • Philosophy of Mind PHIL130 SC 
    • Temptation and the Will PHIL146 SC 
    • Health, Measurement, and Justice PHIL180 CM
    • Philosophy of Law PHIL176 CM
    • Topics in Neurophilosophy PHIL185N JT
    • Introduction to Public Policy Analysis PPA 001 PO
    • Freedom, Markets, and Well-Being PPE 160 PO
    • Health Psychology PSYC118 PZ
    • The Psychology of Health and Medicine PSYC176 PO 
    • Sociology of Health and Medicine SOC 122 PZ 
    • Internship: Sociology of Health and Medicine SOC 170 PZ