Feb 23, 2024  
2021-2022 Scripps Catalog 

Majors and Minors

Completion of a major and a senior thesis in that major is required to graduate. A student must declare a major as a second-semester sophomore, although a major may be declared at any time prior to then. A student may declare up to two majors and two minors. A student may not make changes to a major/minor after the 10th day of the final semester of enrollment. Scripps requirements must be met if the major or minor is offered at Scripps.  See Degree Requirements and Academic Information , Choices in Majors and Minors sections for the full policy regarding majors and minors.

Programs of Study offered at Scripps:

Africana Studies    major, minor German Studies   major, minor
American Studies    major, minor History   major, minor
Ancient Studies / Classics and Late Antique Medieval Studies (LAMS)  major, minor   Humanities Major: Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture    major, minor
Anthropology    major, minor Italian/Italian Studies    major, minor
Art    major, minor Jewish Studies    major, minor
Art Conservation and Heritage Science   majorArt Conservation   minor  Latin American and Caribbean Studies    major, minor
Art History    major, minor Legal Studies    major, minor
Asian American Studies    major, minor Mathematics    major, minor
Asian Studies    major, minor Media Studies   major, minor
Biochemistry    major Middle East and North Africa Studies   major, minor
Biology   major, minor Molecular Biology   major
Biophysics    major Music   major, minor
Chemistry    major, minor Native American/Indigenous Studies  minor
Chicanx Latinx Studies    major, minor Neuroscience    major
Classics (see Ancient Studies) Organismal Biology  major
Dance    major, minor Philosophy    major, minor
Data Science   minor  
Economics /Mathematical Economics  major, minor Physics    major, minor
Engineering    major Politics   major, minor
English    major, minor Psychology    major, minor
Environmental Analysis Program (EA): Science Track    major, minor Religious Studies  major, minor
Environment, Economics, and Politics Major   major Science  (all) majors, minors
European Studies    major, minor Science Management    major
Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies    major, minor Science, Technology, and Society    major, minor
Foreign Languages     major, minor Spanish, Latin American, and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures   major, minor
French And Francophone Studies     major, minor Writing and Rhetoric    major, minor

Other programs offered at The Claremont Colleges may be available to Scripps students. These fields of study include:

Refer to the Claremont McKenna College, Harvey Mudd College, Pitzer College, and Pomona College catalogs for information about majors and minors in these fields. Please consult with the appropriate department chair (or equivalent) at the home college for the field of study you are interested in to discuss specific major/minor requirements.

Asian Languages and Literatures - Pomona College Linguisitics - Pitzer College, Pomona College
Computer Science - Harvey Mudd College, Pomona College Organizational Studies - Pitzer College
Economics-Accounting - Claremont McKenna College Public Policy - Claremont McKenna College
Geology - Pomona College

Russian/Russian & East European Studies - Pomona College

International Relations - Claremont McKenna College 

Sociology - Pitzer College, Pomona College

International Political Economy - Pitzer College Theatre - Pomona College