Jan 23, 2022  
2021-2022 Scripps Catalog 
2021-2022 Scripps Catalog

Asian American Studies Major

A major in Asian American Studies requires eleven graded courses including senior thesis. 


Major Requirements

 The Major in Asian American Studies requires eleven graded courses including senior thesis:

1. Five core courses:

a. Asian American History (ASAM125 AA  /HIST125 AA)
b. Asian American Contemporary Issues (SOC 150 AA )
c. Communities course: approved field work in an Asian American community
or internship with an Asian American community-based organization (ASAM090 AA )
d. Theory and Methods in Asian American Studies (ASAM115 PZ )
e. Seminar in Applications, Analysis, and Future Directions in Asian American Studies (ASAM190F PO )

2. Breadth requirements and electives:

Five courses in addition to the core courses listed above. These courses should be selected in consultation with the Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies (IDAAS) major advisor, and they must fulfill all the following requirements. Core courses above may not be used to fulfill any breadth requirements, but all other courses may fulfill two of the requirements listed below. For example, a single non-core course might simultaneously fulfill the requirements for social sciences and gender and sexuality. If courses are used to fulfill multiple requirements, students must take additional IDAAS courses to make a total of eleven courses for the major. See IDAAS website  (http://idaas.pomona.edu/academics/courses/) for a list of approved courses for each requirement. 

• At least one IDAAS social sciences course
• At least one IDAAS humanities course
• At least one IDAAS gender and sexuality course
• At least one approved non-Asian American ethnic studies course: e.g. comparative ethnic studies course, Africana Studies course, Chicanx Studies course, etc. 
• At least one approved course related to Asia and migration, globalization, and/or imperialism

Asian language courses and ASAM160 AA   are strongly recommended but not required.

3. Senior Thesis:

Senior Thesis or Project: independent work with senior thesis/project adviser (ASAM191 SC )